Anders Granberg
Conceptual artist

Fifty Awesome Chicks

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Year: 2020 #acne
Lenght: 3 min

A tribute to virgin mothers.

Historically, it is the children of virgin mothers who have been attributed amazing qualities, received attention, been worshiped and made immortal through literature. In our part of the world, Jesus is probably best known. The mother, the Virgin Mary is peripheral. But she is nothing unique. In more or less every country, on every continent, in every culture through the millennia, women, like Mary, have produced gods or children with godlike qualities without natural conception.

It is now time is for them to be noticed. Their fates and names have been hastily recorded and some have almost completely fallen into oblivion. Often in the shadow of their children. This is a tribute to them.

Music used and abused:
Poddington Bear, Lullaby
(CC _BY-NC 3.0)

Selected still from film