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Year: 2023
Dimensions: 152 x 205 – 244 x 315 mm
Technique: Archival inkjet print

Photo: Daryl Brooks

Photo: Ray Harrington

Photo: Shainee Fernando

Photo: Joe Planas

Photo: Heidi Kaden

Photo: Jainam Mehta

Photo: Ray Harrington

Photo: Rodrigo Summmer

Photo: Robert Anitei

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Year: 2023
Dimensions: 700 x 500 mm
Technique: Archival inkjet print

Images from places where many people faiths have ended through horrific and tragic events. Some through human interaction during wars or other criminal acts. Some through natural phenomena’s causing illness, droughts, or disastrous seismological effects by tectonic plate’s movement.

Images of the sky right above the place of the event with Google Street View.

The Heaven Above Eastern Avenue
Place: Grays, Essex, United Kingdom.
Date: 23 October 2019.
Event: 39 Vietnamese people suffocated in the back of a truck.
Number of deaths: 39.

The Heaven Above Hiroshima
Place: Hiroshima, Japan.
Date: 6 August 1945.
Event: Atomic bomb.
Number of deaths: 80.000.

The Heaven Above Mount Sinjar
Place: Sinjar District, Iraq.
Date: August 2014.
Event: Ethnic cleansing of Yazidis by the ISIS.
Number of deaths: 2.000 – 5.000.

The Heaven Above the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice
Place: Glengormley, Northern Ireland.
Date: 1983 –
Event: Terminal illness.
Number of deaths: approximately 4.000 per year.

The Heaven Above Port-Au-Prince
Place: Port-au-Price, Haiti.
Date: 1 December 2010.
Event: Earth Quake.
Number of deaths: 100.000 – 316.000.

The Heaven Above Tangshan
Place: Tangshan, Hebei, China.
Date: 28 July 1976.
Event: Earthquake.
Number of deaths: Approximately 300.000.

The Heaven Above Tigray
Place: Tigray, Ethiopia.
Date: 2020 – 2022
Event: War and famine.
Number of deaths: Approximately 600.000.

The Heaven Above Treblinka
Place: Treblinka, Poland.
Date: 23 July 1942 – 19 October 1943.
Event: Nazi extermination camp.
Number of deaths: Approximately 900.000.

The Heaven Above Phuket
Place: Phuket Island, Thailand.
Date: 26 December 2004.
Event: Earthquake causing Tsunami.
Number of deaths: 227.898.

Anders Granberg
Conceptual artist

Structural Remodeling

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Year: 2020
Technique: Paper
Dimentions: 98 x 54 cm

The anatomy of a lined A4 notepad paper.
Paper, holes and lines.
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Year: 2020
Technique: Layers of stacked tape
Dimentions: 41 x 41  x 4 cm

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Year: 2021
Dimensions: 210 x 148 cm
Pages: 54

This book contains 46 images from some of the most famous landmark sites in the world, with the camera turned 180°.

All images used are retrieved from Google Street View. Individual image contributions: Adrian Francis, Ali Ahmovich, Andrei Teodorovici, Carl O’Donoghue, Chris Petracco, SG Q, Daniel Szysz, Dario Cazzani, Fredrico Debetto, Lukáš Kutílek, Lika Laitim, Rob Verheijnen, Robert Ballesteros, Vass1, Jon, Steve Risenmay