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Year: 2011

Is five corners, symbolism, imagination and a world history of mythology enough for people to visualize a star and probably Sweden's biggest Landart project in their mind?

Diagram makes an attempt by placing five corners around the city of Upplands Väsby. The angles and placements of the corners result in a star with the Väsby Art Hall in it's center where the project was exhibited.

The Pentagram of Väsby is a tribute to imagination and the power of thought. For it is only in the mind of the viewer as the five-pointed star will become a reality.

Southeast angle: n 59° 30.544’ e 17° 54.438’
East angle: n 59° 31.115’ e 17° 55.062’
North angle: n 59° 31.605’ e 17° 54.223’
West angle: n 59° 31.315’ e 17° 53.046
Southwest angle: n 59° 30.674’ e 17° 53.191’

Year: 2006

On five different places in the surroundings of Stockholm, Diagram has put the five corners of a five pointed star. A Pentagram. The places and angels are carefully selected and calculated so the Pentagram is perfect. And therefore it can fully carry out its task.