Anders Granberg
Conceptual artist

Returning to Evian
Escorting a glass of water to its origin.

A collaboration with Lars Lengquist as The Artist Duo Diagram.

Year: 2012

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In Sweden, buying bottled water is now so commonplace that we no longer reflect on the absurdity of it. The different varieties of water claim a great deal of space on the shelves in regular food stores. Water shipped all the way from France, Italy and Switzerland. One of the biggest manufacturers is Evian with its 100-year history. The water is drained from springs in and around the town of Evian Les Bain on the south shore of Lake Geneva.

That was the final destination for Diagram and a glass Evian water purchased in Stockholm. You could follow their journey through Europe, Stockholm-Copenhagen-Basel-Lusanne and the last stretch by boat over Lake Geneva to the final destination, Evian Les Bain on Facebook and Google maps.

The travel route

Invitation to the screening at The Rigoletto in Stockholm